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Is .com always the best choice for a domain name? It’s fairly common to search for a domain name and discover that the .com version is already registered to someone else. However, that may work to your advantage.

If you’re in the travel industry and include tours as a service, a .tours domain makes even MORE sense than a .com. It’s perfect for:

  • Airline-related products or services
  • Travel agencies, resources & services
  • Tourist attractions
  • Outdoor adventure companies
  • Private plane/helicopter tours & services

When you choose a URL that’s part of your business name, you achieve a unique cohesion in your branding. Your business name is reflected in both your domain name and your logo, so your website URL is already represented in any branded materials: from brochures, posters, online ads, directory listings, business cards, videos, and more.

Use your domain name to convey your niche has a different advantage. Their name, Pure Central America, doesn’t automatically convey that they’re a tour-based travel site. However, their URL makes it crystal clear that they offer tours, so any potential travelers know that’s what they’ll find when they click the link.

These three savvy businesses decided to forego the .com and use a domain that’s an even better fit for their business. Meet the tour operators that have chosen domain names that are highly relevant, short, readable, and memorable — and show exactly what they do, right in the URL.

Use your business name as your URL

These URLs highlight the fact that tours are their specialty. In the case of Vespa Tours and Spirit Tours, their URL is still their business name, and without having to add a “.com” at the end.

What about organic search?

In the case of Pure Tours and Spirit Tours, they consistently rank high in organic search for “Spirit Tours” and “Pure Tours,” outranking the .com versions of those names. Not only are they easy to find, their high page ranking means they’re already at the top of the page, without having to invest in paid search.

In the past, any domain that wasn’t a .com caused hesitation, but that’s no longer the case. As these three businesses demonstrate, registering a more relevant and memorable domain name can be a strategic way to stand out in search results, highlight your niche, and create a more cohesive brand presence.

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