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The new decade brings fresh trends for travel, exciting new destinations, and a growing consciousness around planning purposeful holidays. 2020 will see travelers seeking environmentally responsible, self-transformative, and culturally impactful experiences. 

We look at how innovative tourism operators are aligning with global trends and using gTLDs to drive awareness of their unique travel offering.


As global awareness  of climate change grows, the eco-tourism movement is becoming increasingly popular. Activists like Greta Thunberg are sparking conversation on sustainability, making people think more carefully about the impact of their personal itineraries on the environment.

Greenspot travel

GreenSpot.Travel – As their domain name suggests, this company fits into the “clean green” space, offering custom-designed eco-luxe vacations. Their travel and tourism partners are all hand selected to ensure they meet the high standards of quality and social responsibility expected by a growing number of eco-conscious travelers.

WISE.Travel – This company’s mission is to support sustainable travel and nonprofits. Their brand name reflects their company’s ethos. As a humanitarian organization licensed as a tour operator, WISE aims to build awareness and raise funds for global nonprofits, with a portion of every vacation donated to a charity of their customer’s choice.

Transformative Travel

Personal development, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga were once considered “alternative”, but are now mainstream. Specialist travel and tour operators are carving out a niche in the transformational space, appealing to people who seek inner growth and new ways to engage with the world around them.

Transformational.Travel – sporting an exact-match domain name for their brand, is home to the Transformational Travel Council. It’s a collection of businesses and organizations who “understand the powerful and delicate environmental, cultural, social, and emotional impact tourism has on the individual traveler, as well as the destination.”

Spirit.Tours – This company chose a domain name that perfectly reflects its core mission — to help people to awaken to their true selves through the magic of travel, new lands, and new people. Founded in Bali, Spirit Tours offers its customers the chance to visit culturally rich places and connect with their unique spirituality.

Space Tourism

Just when we think we’ve seen everything the travel world has to offer, space travel is about to become a reality. In 2020, business flights reaching a height of 50 miles are looking likely, with Virgin Galactic kicking off its “space readiness” program for travelers seeking new thrills.

While it’s not a deep space adventure, everyday astronauts will be able to achieve total weightlessness and see Earth’s curvature stretching out below them.

Space.Travel – This is a growing directory of accredited agents in the space travel industry within the USA. It covers travel agents, tour operators, and insurance agents who are specializing in this exciting new frontier.

Local Experience Travel

“Living like a local” will still be a hot trend for travel specialists over the next year. Gone are the days when a vacation meant being delivered to a resort, eating at the hotel buffet for every meal, and mingling with other people from your own country. Travelers seek to connect with the geography of a destination the way only a local could, by discovering the hidden gems known only to those who live there.

Off The Map Travel

OffTheMap.Travel – When you think about traveling “off the map”, the icy North might be one of the first places that springs to mind. This company has chosen a domain name for their brand that reflects just that — with ice hotels, snow castles, and the Northern lights featuring among the many fantastic local experiences available to travelers in Scandinavia.

LocalAdventures.Travel – This company secured a fantastic gTLD that leaves visitors with no doubt about what they offer as a travel service. Localadventures seeks to deliver the best experiences in Latin America for customers who want bespoke adventures guided by passionate local experts.

Culinary and Food Travel

Travelers are increasingly seeking out authentic experiences that foster engagement with the local people, traditions, and lifestyles of destinations. Local cuisine is a gateway to experiencing the culture of a place and its people. 

maccheroni and wine travel

MaccheroniAndWine.Vacations – It’s not a typo. “Maccheroni” is the traditional Italian spelling of our modern comfort food, evoking the original, artisanal, and flavorful version of this delicious and ancient pasta dish. Paired with wine, this domain name conjures up images of the exceptional dining experiences you can expect when you book your Italian vacation with this company.

ItalianCooking.Holiday – As another example of a gTLD which is an exact brand match, this company offers food, wine, and cooking adventures for travelers who are keen to experience an authentic glimpse into Italian cuisine and lifestyle. Their blog features mouthwatering recipes to get those taste buds tingling.

If you’re looking to elevate your travel business and attract more customers in 2020, you can find inspiration, helpful resources, and your ideal domain name at

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