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The adventure travel niche is growing fast, with the global market expected to reach over $1.3 billion by 2023. Modern travelers are expressing more of an interest to include land, sea, and air adventures in their itineraries, which is opening up a huge range of lucrative opportunities for specialty travel businesses and tour operators.

Adventure tourism appeals to people who like a little more of the risk and thrill factor thrown in with their vacations. There are different types of adventure travel that cater to all ages and skill sets, enabling anyone that feels like shaking things up a little to challenge themselves at a level they’re personally comfortable with.

Not all adventure travel is created equal. Hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, skiing, and surfing activities enable smart tour operators to design packages that help people stretch their comfort zones and try new things without requiring any previous experience or skills.

For those who crave higher levels of risk and adventure, niche travel agencies can showcase their expertise by offering physically and mentally challenging adventures to travelers, such as base jumping, canyoning, and rock-climbing — often in isolated and unspoiled surroundings.

Specializing in adventure

Travel is a highly competitive industry. Travel agencies and advisors are under increasing pressure from the big online travel companies, and the best way to ensure survival moving forward is to specialize and focus on providing curated experiences and exceptional customer service.

If you’re an agency that has in-depth experience and knowledge of the adventure tourism industry, now’s a good time to niche down and show travelers that you understand the finer details of this market segment.

Building a strong online brand is crucial to getting found in organic search. Adventure companies are looking at innovative new ways to increase brand trust and visibility in a crowded digital environment. Great examples of branding tools for travel agencies are gTLDs such as .travel, .tours, and .vacation, which can elevate marketing and keyword search opportunities for companies in the travel industry.

Featured companies using the .travel gTLD

With growing competition in the space, forward-thinking adventure travel companies need to look at new options that enable them to be found in the digital space. A .travel domain name can help position a brand firmly within the tourism market and increase keyword search visibility. 

Here are a few examples of travel brands growing their businesses with the .travel gTLD:

This company snapped up the ultimate adventure travel brand name, giving them organic keyword search power. With a domain name that’s also their company name, and the “adventure travel” keywords getting thousands of exact-match searches each month — Adventure Travel has a huge advantage in their market with this stellar gTLD.

Committed to long-term, sustainable growth of the adventure tourism sector, this company’s mission is to provide great experiences while supporting the businesses, people, and environments of the places they travel to.

Windigo organizes small group adventure tours across Canada and the USA. They have been sharing their love of the great outdoors since 1996, guiding hundreds of travelers over mountains, through forests, and across deserts. 

Their expertise in this niche means they can control the quality of their tours and manage the high expectations of their adventure-loving customers.

This company organizes adventure tours for a younger age group, focusing solely on gap year travelers. By carving out a very small and specialized niche within the adventure tourism industry, Ultimate focuses on creating premium experiences and opportunities that help people to explore the world and make lifelong friends along the way.

With their exceptional example of a keyword domain that reads seamlessly from left to right, Ultimate has ensured their chances of ranking high alongside their competitors when searchers are looking for ultimate travel ideas online.

If you’re looking to showcase your adventure travel agency using the ideal .travel domain name, find and buy the perfect name at Travel.Domains.

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