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Africa Extreme Travel is a small, independent tour operator specializing in travel across Africa and the Indian Ocean. They offer a wide range of tours for Spanish-speaking customers, including wildlife expeditions, family safaris, honeymoon trips, and dream beach vacations.

Africa Extreme Travel advisors create custom, private, and exclusive experiences according to customers’ budgets—and bucket lists. Their consultants are expert travelers with personal experience traveling to some of Africa’s most sought-after spots.


Accommodations vary from private nature reserves and boutique hotels to mobile camps and private expeditions. No matter what travelers choose, they can expect memorable adventures to some of the world’s wildest, most beautiful destinations.

The website features stunning photos to stir the imagination, inspire a sense of adventure, and help customers decide where they’d like to go. Since most of their visitors start their adventure online, they knew it was important to create a strong name and a professional online presence. A .travel domain helps set them apart from other travel sites and conveys what they’re all about.  

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