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Many travel sites focus on a range of experiences in one geographic area. Others are geared toward a particular type of travel, such as luxury travel or adventure travel. Sometimes, however, travelers would rather get to know an area through the vibrant experiences that can only be found in the city.

From quirky things that make each city unique to the favorite local restaurants, bars, and theaters, these websites use the .city domain extension to attract urban explorers who want to discover the best spots in town. Or even share where to stash their luggage while they do. 



On the Grid helps urban explorers discover 112 cities around the world, from Aberdeen to Zurich. It’s a beautiful collection of 540 insider neighborhood guides that are curated by local creatives in each city.

SO.CITY is a collection of curated posts about the best places to stay, eat, and shop in several cities across India. Visitors will find the gems of the cities, from quirky cafes to gorgeous accommodations on a budget. And if they’re inspired, they can create their own posts to add to the collections.


It’s fun to explore a new city on foot, but not when you’re dragging suitcases behind you. tells you all of the spots you can safely leave your luggage, or lets residents and business owners rent out luggage storage to travelers. 

No matter where travelers want to explore, using a .city domain tells them they’ll find the urban information they’re looking for.

Search now on to find great travel domain names for any travel business including agencies, destinations, tour operators, booking sites, or blogs.


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