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Whether you want to bike through the most splendid parts of Barcelona, visit world-renowned architecture by bus, or spend an afternoon sampling liquor handmade by the monks of Montserrat, will help you experience the history and vibrancy of Barcelona with a visit you’ll never forget.

Christian Petzold, director of, shares more about their services and how their .travel domain helps boost their business.

Travel.Domains: What does your company do?

Christian Petzold: We’re a local incoming travel provider in Barcelona. We have a city portal where we provide our own tours, and we organize business events and incentive trips to Barcelona.


Travel.Domains: What are some of your most popular services?

Petzold: This depends on the type of client. Some of our most common services include arranging accommodations and transportation and creating day tours.


Travel.Domains: Businesses today are realizing the importance of their digital presence. How has .travel helped you maintain a competitive advantage?

Petzold: We know that .travel domains are used by a lot of official tourism organizations, which helps build a lot of trust. Also, the restricted registration process and the higher registration fees help make


 .travel less attractive for spammers – so in overall website quality, .travel is far above any other domain type.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped you share your services with your audience?

Petzold: We started in 2009, and overall using .travel has been a great experience that has helped us in branding and building trust. Our results come from the combination of trust, clear industry focus, and great branding.

Christian Petzold – Director

Christian Petzold – Director

Travel.Domains: How do you see your .travel site evolving in the future?

Petzold: We’ll continue to focus on branding and staying relevant to travelers, and we see .travel helping with this very strongly.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

Petzold: Yes, absolutely!




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