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“Within just four weeks of using, we started getting great feedback. Website visitors now know immediately that we are in the travel business. We are very satisfied!”

Berry Whale is a top tourism marketing agency in Latin-America, with offices in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. The B2Bcompany caters to tourism brands seeking to position, promote, market and distribute their travel products and services.

Global tourism agencies have struggled in Latin America because Latin Americans are interested in different types of travel and tourism; global brands have yet to truly understand these travelers.

“We enable tourism agencies and brands to introduce their products and services successfully in Latin America,” says Sjouke van Alst, Project Manager at Berry Whale.


“Berry Whale is the leading tourism marketing agency in Latin America today. Since 2006, we’ve been adding value to more than one hundred brands, companies, individuals and governments in more than a dozen countries. We are a team with passion and commitment, willing to give more and go further. Honesty, loyalty and humility are what make our company stand out against the others.”

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