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People traveling to foreign countries may require emergency medical treatments, hospitalizations or even medical evacuations back home. When traveling outside your home country, obtaining International Travel Health Insurance is necessary. is designed for travelers who may suffer an injury or unexpected illness, and can rely on and international medical group to assist with covered medical expenses. Major expenses can be paid directly to the medical provider.

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Travel Technologies Pty Ltd is a privately-owned software development company founded in Sydney, Australia. Its goal is to provide the travel industry with the world’s best booking platform.

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JoBonobo was established in Italy by young entrepreneurs active in communications, marketing, design, ICT and cultural mediation. Italy still has an enormous potential for growth in tourism. JoBonobo is focused on providing cutting-edge tools for the full enjoyment of tourist packages.

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immersive grew out of a diverse community of friends eager to share their experiences.  Discover more at: Business Travel made simple


Complexity costs money, time and convenience, QBR we focus on simplifying the things that really matter. QBT has a global partnership with GlobalStar, and customer service and a personal approach where customers speak to a real person are a top priority. QBT’s experienced after-hours team is available to help around the clock. Read more:

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