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If you perform an online search for any travel topic, search engines will return millions – if not billions – of travel listings. How will your business stand out and draw the eye of your prospective customer? There are over one million travel companies using URLs that end in .com containing the keywords travel, cruises, tours, guide, holiday, vacation, or voyage.  In search results, these will all appear the same and risk being overlooked. Your business can stand out by simply doing this one thing: use a .Travel domain name. And if you act now, you can get a really great deal


You Have To Stand Out

.Travel helps you showcase your travel business, tell your unique story and attract more travelers to your online destination.

Check out these businesses that use a .travel domain name to stand out:

Potential customers will see that your website is travel related, which means you’ll have an immediate advantage over your competitors who failed to choose the right type of domain name.

An Opportunity To Be Exclusive

.Travel is the exclusive domain name extension for travel and tourism businesses. It’s like a seal of approval that immediately tells your customers you are a recognized and respected member of the travel industry. 

Since 2005 the .Travel domain extension has served travel and tourism businesses with its industry-specific domain. Anyone wishing to register a .travel domain name must attest that they are a travel and tourism business. Donuts Inc., the company that manages the .travel domain name, also has processes in place to deal with any reported cases of non-compliance.

Successful travel businesses already use .travel for their online address

“Great for branding, trust and clarifies our industry. Overall it’s helped us build trust with potential customers.”

Christian Petzold,

“.Travel gives us strong recognition among new users and an edge against competitors.”

Matteo Bianda, Executive Manager & Owner,

“The .travel domain brings relevance, positioning, is easy to remember, and also makes AdWords campaigns more effective.”

Sandra Doig Alberdi, Assistant Director,

.Travel users experience better search engine rankings

“We rank number one with our .travel domain. The number of hits to the site has increased tremendously.” 

Bradley Nehring, Co-Founder,

“.Travel is increasing the level of organic traffic coming from Internet search engines.”

Sjoukje Van Alst, Project Coordinator,

Don’t wait to make this easy choice. Take advantage of the special deal going on right now and make your business stand out while enjoying all of the other benefits that come with a .travel domain name.

Check Out These .Travel Success Stories

Choosing this domain name and brand was the first step to success 

A great conversation starter

Domain name says it all: The place to go for all things related to Yucatan travel

The best domain name solution for the travel industry

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