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There’s enough to navigate when traveling in an unfamiliar place. Having a trustworthy, easy-to-find ride makes all the difference in a traveler’s overall experience.

Travelers don’t automatically have a taxi service in their phone contacts, or a tried and true go-to when they’re in an unfamiliar city. They’ll typically search online and plan in advance, or launch a quick internet search on the go to find a reputable ride when they need it.

Deciding between town cars, ride shares, taxis, or limousines can be overwhelming for travelers to sort through the search results to find what they want on the spot. (This is true for local residents, too!)

Using a domain extension like .taxi, .cab, or .limo tells people exactly what you offer helps you quickly stand out online. When a traveler scans their search results, your domain name tells them that you’re a professional, established service and that you put thought into making your service easy for your customers to use.

Here are three ride service businesses that use their domain names as part of their overall marketing strategy:

Intercity Private Hire uses to make their private hire taxi service as easy to find as it is to use. Travelers in the UK know right away that they’ve found a taxi service that specializes in getting them efficiently from one location to the next. image for ride service blog post

Coast Cab uses to help people discover them quickly in this coastal area. If you’re in this part of Alabama or Florida, it’s easy to see that you’ve just found a reliable, straightforward service to get you to the airport, the beach, or the trendiest bar.

Excellence Limo uses to describe their premium experience that’s so much more than just a ride. As soon as visitors see the link to their site, they know this French limo service is all about giving them the white glove treatment. image for ride service blog post

If you’re in the taxi, limo, or shuttle business, strengthen your branding and your online presence with a domain extension that reinforces your service. Travelers and locals alike will appreciate being able to skip all the research and get on the road to their next destination.

Search now on to find great travel and transportation domain names for any travel business including agencies, destinations, tour operators, booking sites, or blogs.


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