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Travel Domains Interview: Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited

Luxury travel is on the rise, with travellers looking for more personalized experiences that will ensure they have the time of their lives — not just a mere “off-the-shelf” experience.

We talked to Deborah Miller, owner of Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited  about her unique business model, how the team goes above and beyond to provide their customers with bespoke luxury adventures, and why EdgeOfWonder.Travel is integral to their overall online identity.


Travel.Domains: Tell us about Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited? What is the business all about?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: We are a full-service luxury travel design company serving our clients with our passion for travel. We custom-craft itineraries for our clients for cruise and adventure travel. 


Travel.Domains: Who is your target audience? 

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: We focus on travelers who are focused on building a collection of truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences on their journeys. We specialize in small group and luxury adventure travel, small ship luxury cruises, expedition adventures, and extraordinary honeymoons.


Travel.Domains: What do customers love about Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: We actually asked our best clients what they appreciated about us and we were so humbled by their responses! They love that we provide a personal touch, our responsiveness, dedication, and how personally invested we are in their trips.


Travel.Domains: Why should people visit EdgeOfWonder.Travel?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: It’s a great way to get your initial questions answered and get more of a feel for what we’re about!


Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .travel and decide to use that domain extension?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: It was shortly after .travel became available. Industry-specific domains were starting to show up more and we thought it would be a great way to further promote our business and demonstrate our dedication to being a reputable and trustworthy travel company.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped your website stand out and get noticed?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: It has helped our SEO and also shows travelers that we are a certified travel business.


Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .travel to other travel communities?

Edge of Wonder Travels Unlimited: Using travel industry-specific domain extensions (like .travel) that also require companies to meet the definition of the business type related to that domain extension lends an additional level of quality assurance and legitimacy to the company. People visiting that company’s site for the first time can be confident that it is a legitimate business that has been verified as what it purports to be.


Find your once-in-a-lifetime luxury adventures at EdgeOfWonder.Travel

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