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Hello Travel Community,

.Travel has a new home! We’re pleased to announce a redesigned website with a new name, It’s the best place on the Internet to browse, discover and purchase keyword-rich travel domains from an extensive portfolio that includes .Travel, .Vacations, .Tours, .Voyage, .Cruises, .Holiday, .Flights, .Guide, .City, .Viajes, .Taxi, .Town, .Cab, .Reise / .Reisen, .Zone, .Limo and many more.

These travel domain names are ideal for use in travel websites, as redirects for search engine keyword results, and as branded short links for promotions and online ads. Read on to learn more:

More Great Travel Names To Choose From

Recently, .Travel was acquired by Donuts Inc., the global leader in high-quality, new top-level Internet domains. Now, Travel.Domains offers the broadest selection of travel category TLDs so that everyone in the travel business can use highly relevant domain names to help attract and transact with more customers online.

Travel Domains


Easier Than Ever to Find and Buy Your Domain Name

In order to make travel domain name registrations easier, we’ve eliminated the cumbersome UIN requirement. Now all you have to do is visit Travel.Domains (or any participating domain registrar), then find and buy the domain names you want.

Better Domain Name Search Engine

Travel.Domains uses Relevant Name Search (RNS) technology. RNS displays the most relevant domain names for website visitors. Once you choose your domain names, one click takes you to a registrar shopping cart, currently at with more registrars becoming available, making the entire shopping process simple, seamless and convenient.

relevant name search on travel domains

Relevant Travel Industry Facts, Trends and Case Studies

In addition to powerful search and simplified shopping, the Travel.Domains website contains a wealth of information, testimonials and case studies related to the online travel industry. Visitors can read about how travel domains are being used today, and how they’re helping travel businesses throughout the world.

This page displays successful case studies for using travel domain extensions domain names top-level domains

We Want To Learn From You

We look forward to learning from you, and we will reach out to you to learn how travel domains are helping to drive your business, and how we can better serve your business needs. Stay tuned for surveys and other outreach from us in the near future.  

We at Travel.Domains are excited about this new chapter and know the right travel domain names will help your online travel business grow.

Happy Travels!



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