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Adrian Davis, CEO of Five Star Transportation Services in Southern California, took some time out of his busy day to share insights into his business and how the .limo domain extension makes an impact.

Travel.Domains: Tell us about your business. What services do you provide?

Adrian: At Five Star we provide luxury ground transportation throughout Southern California. We specialize in a wide variety of vehicles ranging from Sedans, SUVs, Vans, Mini buses all the way to 55 passenger Motorcoaches. We provide transportation for airport transfers, corporate events and conferences, or just a fun night out on the town. While the majority of our clients are corporate travelers, we do have many individuals who book us as well. We pride ourselves on serving 650 cities worldwide and you would be hard pressed to find a city where we can’t book you a premier car service.

Travel.Domains: Who are your customers?  

Adrian: Most customers are corporate clientele. But we do have quite a lot of people who book for vacations and leisure travel. Since San Diego has a wonderful climate we also do a lot of weddings, brewery tours, and wine tours. A lot of our wedding bookings are people from out of state who come here to have a beach wedding and need transportation between venues. We really enjoy providing affordable ground transportation options for whatever our clients’ needs are.

Travel.Domains: What do your customers love about you?

Adrian: Clients love our attention to detail and being able to one stop shop. Once you book with us we build you a personal profile to make future booking very quick and easy. Many of our clients book travel from the home or office to the airport as well as transportation in their destination city, all in one phone call. Our chauffeurs are highly trained and always on time. Their knowledge of the city also makes for reliable transportation and puts the customer at ease.

Travel.Domains: Why should people choose Five Star Transportation?

Adrian: People should choose us because we offer an exceptional service starting from the moment you call us. We’re a much safer and more reliable service than rideshare apps such as Uber or Lyft. We carry the best commercial liability insurance, perform background checks, routine drug testing, and have chauffeur training programs, and perform routine vehicle safety inspections. In addition, we offer fixed pricing. We pride ourself on being an elite company and providing an experience, not just a service.

Adrian Davis, CEO Five Star Limo

Adrian Davis, Five Star Transportation Services CEO

Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .limo and decide to use that domain extension?

Adrian: We received an email from GoDaddy telling us about relevant domain extensions that are better than .com. I immediately purchased the domains that were of interest to me and my business. These domains have proven themselves to have a strong value.

Travel.Domains: Travel/transportation companies realize the importance of their digital presence to stay competitive. How has .limo helped you?

Adrian: .Limo has helped us tremendously. When first acquiring, I knew this domain would help us brand online, and was catchy. To this day we still receive compliments from callers impressed by .limo. We have a strong SEO presence on Google and Bing as a result.

Travel.Domains: How has .limo helped you communicate your business and value proposition to your audience?

Adrian: I believe it gives our domain status and will have a higher presence in search queries. We used to use, then switched to and have seen huge growth volume we attribute to this new domain that people quickly understand and trust.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .limo, .travel or .cab to other travel/transportation businesses?

Adrian: I would highly recommend that everyone obtain a new and relevant domain extension. Clients love that it’s innovative. It’s not one of those “same old .com” companies. It’s another great way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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