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When travelers are online planning a trip, they’re not only choosing a location, they’re also researching what kind of adventures await once they get there. The .cruises domain extension is a great way for cruise operators to showcase what they do and stand out online among hundreds of thousands of general tour operators.

Here are some of our favorite businesses that use the .cruises domain extension to capture the attention of cruisers looking for their next adventure:

Let your specialty shine

Classic Riverboat Cruises welcomes visitors aboard with Specializing in riverboat cruises and charters, they invite tourists and residents alike to escape the busy city streets of Melbourne and enjoy a scenic river journey with a classic style. Their URL highlights exactly what they do, so Melbourne visitors searching online for a river cruise will immediately recognize that they’ve found the right place—even before they’ve clicked to enter the site. is another example of a cruise operator who shows a specific type of service right in their URL. Tourists looking online for a sailing adventure can quickly identify that they’ve found what they’re looking for.  

Show your location and your specialty uses specifically for their cruise offerings, and on both sites, their tagline says it all: “Our name is our passion.“ Visitors who want to explore South America by boat quickly see that this cruise operator specializes in custom creating the experience they’re looking for, in the location they want to visit.

Pelagos Cruises uses to show visitors preparing for a trip to this special island that they’ve found a reputable, specialized cruise service. Paired with breathtaking photography, the site invites tourists to book with them as the go-to cruise operator to help them experience the island in a whole new way.


Another good example is Nordic Cruises, who use to attract visitors looking for cruises among a wide variety of Nordic locations, from Russia to Norway or Sweden. Because they cover a number of special locations, their clear name and URL help visitors quickly identify Nordic Cruises as regional cruise experts.

Using a domain extension like .cruises makes it crystal clear to researching tourists what your business does and positions you as a unique, specialized service that they’ll be happy to visit—first online, and then on board.

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