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A .holiday domain name helps your travel business stand out to prospective customers. It’s the web address that says you’re ready to help travelers set off on a quick weekend getaway or an extended trip overseas—or plan a holiday celebration the whole family will enjoy.

A .holiday URL is typically used by:

  • Travel agencies, resources & services
  • Travel writers & bloggers
  • City guides & resource sites
  • Hotels, hostels, B&Bs, lodging
  • Websites that sell products or services related to Christmas and other holidays

Here are a few of our favorite businesses acquiring customers with .holiday domain names:


Prepare for indulgent rejuvenation at these premium spa retreats, no matter which type of reinvigoration suits you best. At, you’ll find everything from digital detox retreats to anti-aging getaways, men’s retreats, fitness retreats, and more. Their website URL invites you to take a break and recharge.  

THINGSTODO.HOLIDAY vacations travel tours

For travelers who love exploration and adventure, has a brag-worthy itinerary for you. How about a luxury hot-air balloon flight over Cappadocia, Turkey, complete with a champagne toast? Or perhaps a Game of Thrones tour in Ireland? Plus, their unique business model allows an individual or business to become a concierge and earn commissions. Whether you’re looking for a new experience or helping someone else plan theirs, this URL is the first step on your next adventure.


amazon holiday decorations category

This URL redirects to the holiday decorations landing page. In fact, Amazon uses this strategy for dozens of their product categories. It’s not uncommon for sophisticated marketers to use redirects like these for several reasons:

  • Deep link to specific pages on the website. Rather than sending everyone to the home page and leaving them to find their way to the specific category or promotion, these links send them directly to the right page.
  • Maintain and defend their brand online. Brands strategically create URLs around keywords and phrases that align to their business, before those URLs are snatched up by competitors.
  • Show up in search results as a highly relevant link. Someone searching for “holiday decorations” might not think to look on Amazon first. Using those two words in a URL helps create the association.

Holidays are special – something everyone looks forward to – so why not distinguish your business as the one that best helps people plan their next holiday.

Visit to find and buy .holiday and other travel domain names for your travel or tourism business.

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