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JustGo.Travel is a travel blog full of information and inspiration, from itineraries to travel tips, travel photography, and insider tips and tricks. Just Go Travel owner and travel blogger, Lincy Kuijpers, shares how she goes above and beyond to help travelers prepare for the perfect trip.

Travel.Domains: Who is your target audience?

Lincy Kuijpers: The travel blog is for travelers from all over the world who love to explore the world their own way and therefore like to organise their trip either partially or completely by themselves.

Travel.Domains: How did Just Go Travel start?

Kuijpers: When I was preparing my own trips, I soon noticed that there was something missing online. Where do I find that one website or travel blog where I can find inspiration, but also all the necessary practical information? That’s how the idea of was born.

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Travel.Domains: What makes your site different from other travel blogs?

Kuijpers: Most travel blogs inspire travelers with travel stories, basic information about destinations and/or sights, supported by beautiful photos.

Of course, travelers want to be inspired. But once they have found a destination or sight they definitely want to visit, they are still full of unanswered questions, like:

  • Which highlights shouldn’t I miss?
  • How long do I need at a specific destination or sight?
  • Where can I stay overnight nearby?
  • Which airport do I need to fly into?
  • How do I get to a certain destination or sight?
  • What is the best rental company?

So goes one step further and not only provides travelers with inspiration and travel tips, but also answers the other important questions with complete itineraries and extensive practical information.

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All the information on is based on my own travel experience and destinations I visited over the years.

Also the travel blog is multilingual (Dutch and English), which makes the travel blog available for travelers from the Netherlands as well as any other country in the world.

Lincy Kuijpers Owner / Travel Blogger

Lincy Kuijpers – Owner / Travel Blogger

Travel.Domains: Why did you choose to use the .travel domain?

Kuijpers: With the name for this travel blog I want to inspire people to stop dreaming about that fun city trip, that special road trip, or maybe a journey around the world. Just go. Just Go Travel.

The .travel domain, which specializes in travel-related websites, gives that professional finishing touch. It’s a perfect match.

Travel.Domains: What are the plans for in the future?

Kuijpers: The site launched in the summer of 2017 and is growing fast. In the near future, a lot of new itineraries, travel tips, and more extensive practical information will be added to inspire and help even more travelers.

Learn more at: (English) (Dutch)

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