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Husband and wife Jake and Larissa Gafner have spent over a decade pushing themselves through camping, climbing, diving, driving, paddling, pedaling, hiking, exploring, sailing, in places like Rajasthan and Death Valley. Their adventures taught them respect for the world, and respect for each other.

However, it was a canoe trip down the Wisconsin River that reminded them of the beauty and adventure that await in their own backyard. That trip inspired them to create the Driftless 250, a weeklong choose-your-own-route bike and canoe trip through Wisconsin’s Driftless Area.

Travel.Domains: Tell us about your travel business. What services do you provide?

Jake and Larissa: We started this company so more people can experience the pure joy that comes at the end of a good adventure: the kind of trip that challenges you and has more unknowns than most people can stomach. It’s a different kind of travel, and we think more people should experience it.

Our mission is to make people happy and connect them on a deeper level with themselves, others, and the planet.

Travel.Domains: Who are your customers?  

Jake and Larissa: We cater to the curious. Our events are open to any and all. Our customers are people who are looking for true adventure—the type where they don’t exactly know what they’re getting into, or what obstacles will arise.  

Travel.Domains: What do your customers love about Lost Travel Co.?

Jake and Larissa: Everybody that takes part in Lost Travel Co. will have a genuine experience that is unique to them. Our events contain a start point and a finish line, but everything in between is up in the air. They’re unsupported which means teams need to think on their feet, get creative, and interact with the environment and (gasp!) locals.

Travel.Domains: Why choose Lost Travel Co.?

Jake and Larissa: Adventure is a much-needed and often-overlooked part of healthy living. The customers who get the most joy and satisfaction our of their adventures with us are people who feel like they work too much, spend too much time on their phones and need a real vacation.

Our society today is disconnected from nature and from the struggle and triumph that comes through a good adventure. The world is a big and beautiful place, and our adventures are an invitation—and a challenge—to take a break from technology and engage with nature in a deeper way.

Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .travel and decided to use that domain extension?

Jake and Larissa: We stumbled upon it in May 2018 when searching for domains on We immediately decided to stake our claim because it so clearly described our business.

Travel.Domains: Travel companies realize the importance of their digital presence to stay competitive. How has .travel helped you?

Jake and Larissa: For starters, it’s a great conversation starter! It’s different and grabs peoples’ attention. It’s a simple name that’s easy to remember and easy to share—it’s easy to text our URL to a friend. We’re a fairly simple company in terms of what we offer, so a simple URL reflects our brand. We also use as a redirect to the website for upcoming adventures.

Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped you communicate your business and value proposition to your audience?

Jake and Larissa: It’s been an easy way to communicate what we do to the public, including video campaigns. It’s catchy and there’s no confusion about what we do. “Lost” and “travel” are two words that describe precisely who we are.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .travel or .vacations to other travel businesses?

Jake and Larissa: Yes, they’re memorable, they’re relevant, and they’ll be the norm in the not-too-distant future. Get ahead of the curve.

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