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The luxury travel trend is on the rise, with customers willing to pay more for curated itineraries that see them whisked away to exclusive and exciting locations. 

Travel businesses are capitalizing on this growing industry by providing personalized packages for their customers that are tailored down to the finest detail. Exotic cruises, private islands, boutique hotels, and thrilling adventures are just some of the exclusive experiences that these luxury travel agencies can provide to create the ultimate dream holidays for their customers. 

Smart agencies and tour operators within this niche are choosing to use relevant domain names that elevate their online presence to appeal to customers that like to travel in style. Using a travel-related gTLD can help these businesses increase their brand awareness and searchability for people who are looking to book luxury travel.

Current travel trends

In 2019, the luxury travel industry has centered around cruises, curated packages, and authentic “living like a local” experiences where people can meet families and business owners on location for a sample of their daily lives.

Instagram travel” has remained a hot trend, with travelers hunting for the finest in locations, hotels, and unspoiled landscapes as photo backdrops on their road to Insta-fame, fortune, and follower counts.

Exclusive home rentals have also emerged, with Airbnb’s new Beyond feature leading the charge. This branch of the popular home rental platform caters exclusively to wealthier clients, and offers stunning accommodation in beautiful locations.

Cruising is always popular in the luxury sector, with high-end boats and exotic destinations such as Egypt and South America proving to be perennial favorites with customers.

Specializing in luxury

Tour operators and travel agencies are showcasing their specialization in the luxury travel industry by ensuring that they stand out in the digital space. Using relevant gTLDs such as .tour, .vacations, and .travel helps these companies increase their brand awareness and organic search rankings online.

unique luxury travel

UniqueLuxury.Travel – with an outstanding choice of gTLD, there’s no mistaking what this company does, or who their target audience is. Unique Luxury Travel offers its customers private jets, breathtaking hotels and villas, yachts, and cruises covering hundreds of the world’s most desirable destinations.

classic travel and tours

ClassicTrvl.Vacations – with a tight-knit team and 25 years of travel experience, this company specializes in providing inspired and unique luxury vacations. Classic Travel offers services curated for the individual, ensuring even the finest details are taken care of.

travel kat vacations website

TravelKat.Vacations – this company’s tagline is “happy travels, happy life”. As a small team of luxury travel consultants, their mission is to ensure client satisfaction at every step of their journey. Whether it’s a romantic honeymoon, relaxing weekend getaway, or a dream summer vacation, Travel Kat tailors its packages specifically to suit the needs of each individual.

volant travel website

Volant.Travel  – specializing in privately guided luxury and adventure tours around the world, Volant ensures that every customer has the holiday of their dreams. Personally crafted itineraries are tailored to suit the needs and desires of every traveler. They also factor in the tight time frames of modern life that can often get in the way of a perfect travel experience —  ensuring that any guided trip booked with them is time well spent.

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