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Travel Domains Interview: Onebag.Travel

Minimalism isn’t just for the home. For ultra-light travellers (and those who aspire to take fewer things with them on holiday), the challenge is to pack only the essentials — yet be prepared for all events. It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially for those of us who tend to pack ten times as much as we need every time we take a vacation!

One Bag Travel aims to unravel the mysteries of super-organized travellers. It showcases packing lists and photos from people who take trips ranging from a few days to many months away from home — taking only what they can fit in a carry-on bag. 


Travel.Domains: Tell us about Onebag.Travel? What is the purpose of the website?

OneBag.Travel: Onebag.Travel is dedicated to inspiring people to pack a little less for their trips and travel with only a carry-on backpack. I’ve built a variety of tools to help travelers minimize the amount of luggage they bring along for a trip. The website features a showcase of minimalist packing lists, a carry-on only luggage database, a collection of airline baggage rules with a carry-on compatibility calculator, packing tips by destination, and a comprehensive guide on traveling with only a single carry-on.


Travel.Domains: Who is your target audience? 

OneBag.Travel: My target audience is broad. A variety of people visit the website. I’ve heard from families, single digital nomad types, and even adventure travelers. Rising baggage fees incentivize people to pack less when they travel. Our visitors are people who are tired of dealing with heavy, checked roller bags and want a more agile and minimalist travel experience. 


Travel.Domains: What does your audience love about your website?

OneBag.Travel: OneBag.Travel’s audience loves browsing packing lists to figure out what other people bring on similar trips. Our carry-on database also gets a lot of traffic. The market for carry-on backpacks has grown to include a variety of options. The data points we provide help people compare different bags and find the perfect bag which meets their requirements. 


Travel.Domains: Why should people visit OneBag.Travel?

OneBag.Travel: If you are new to minimalist travel, you should visit Onebag.Travel to become inspired to pack a little less and learn about enjoying a journey without hauling around too much luggage. If you are already a light packer, the website offers a lot of great content and material to help you optimize your how you pack for future trips. 


Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .travel and decide to use that domain extension?

OneBag.Travel: A couple of years ago, I was searching for the right domain name.  I wanted the domain name to be memorable, concise, and to the point. A lot of domain extensions are too “cute” and confusing. I also wanted an exact match domain name for search engine optimization benefits.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped your website stand out and get noticed?

OneBag.Travel: Having a .travel domain helps my website stand out because exotic domain extensions are still rare to non-technical people. Website visitors appreciate how the site doesn’t have a standard domain extension and think the website is more special because of it. People always ask how I got the domain name as if I had discovered a hidden internet secret.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped you communicate your value proposition to your audience?

OneBag.Travel: People often choose confusing domain extensions that don’t help their visitors understand the focus of their website. Having Onebag.Travel for a domain name is helps people immediately understand the site is about traveling with one bag.  People don’t have time to waste when browsing the internet and having .travel in your domain name lets people know right away what your website is about.


Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .travel to other travel companies?

OneBag.Travel: I’d recommend having a .travel domain. There is no other domain extension that lets people immediately understand the focus of your website.  There are also plenty of shorter .travel domain names to help your visitors remember your brand. Finally, the search engine optimization benefits have been great. Without any additional effort, I managed to rank decently for the phrase “one bag travel.”


Learn more about packing light, but right, for your next trip at OneBag.Travel.

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