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Puerto de la Cruz is where tourism began in the Canary Islands. Although its tourist appeal is evident, it is above all a fishing village. An ideal destination for adventure sports and full of natural beauty, it’s growing in popularity with tourists. aims to be a resource for travelers, and help them find everything they need to know about Puerto De La Cruz: what they can do and enjoy.

Travel.Domains: Since tourists use the internet first to begin their travel research, how does the website gain and sustain visitor attention?

Juan Carlos Lorenzo: We started with the idea that Puerto de la Cruz is a compelling destination. At the same time, we realized that the .Travel domain extension allowed us to use our destination name, so that people knew exactly what the website was about.

Juan Carlos Lorenzo - Manager at

Juan Carlos Lorenzo – Manager at

Travel.Domains: What is your strategy to capture the attention of visitors?

J.C. Lorenzo: Our strategy is aligned with the town, which emphasizes a multi-experience destination where the culture of its people and active tourism are its greatest values. To reveal the attractions of Puerto de la Cruz, we pay close attention to the quality of images and videos that we show on the website. We produce all our own material for the website, YouTube and Vimeo channels. We generate content that is aligned with what the tourist wants to experience, when coming here.

Travel.Domains: Let’s talk about the sights, tour packages or interests that are most in demand.

J.C. Lorenzo: Puerto de la Cruz does not have the best beaches in Tenerife, but its excellent weather throughout the year means our website is a point of access for activities such as para-gliding, biking, surfing, hiking, stargazing and experiencing new and old cultures.

Travel.Domains:  How does your website differentiate itself?

J.C. Lorenzo: In our view, a tourist destination website should be inspiring, emotional, visual and attractive. Not necessarily loaded with information, but useful enough that visitors stay engaged and decide to spend their holidays there. To draw traffic to our website, we use social media tools and digital advertising. The YouTube and Vimeo channels also allow us to increase traffic, which, in addition to our domain name, is essential for our success.

Travel.Domains: How did you find out about .Travel and why did you decide to use it?

J.C. Lorenzo: We’ve been part of the world of tourism for more than 20 years. We became interested in the .Travel domain as soon as it launched because we saw that it could help give the website professionalism. Having the domain name gave us credibility among local businesses and visitors.

Travel.Domains: Choosing the right domain/brand on the internet is the first step to success online. What do you think are the advantages to a .Travel domain name?

J.C. Lorenzo: We set out to be the best destination website for Puerto de la Cruz. Using a .Travel domain with very high quality and up-to-date content make the best web experience.

Travel.Domains: How has .Travel helped deliver a message or present a product to your audience?

J.C. Lorenzo: We think the domain will help us even more in the next stages of development of the site, as we create more alliances with the best businesses showing the best offers.

Travel.Domains: Are you optimistic about the future?

J.C. Lorenzo: Without a doubt; tourism is in the middle of a golden age in Puerto de la Cruz for many reasons. Expectations are very good for the next few years.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend .Travel to others in the industry?

J.C. Lorenzo: Of course. It’s a necessary investment for any tourism business to make use of a .Travel domain. The domain positions you to greater prominence over other .COM sites. We are seeing more and more .Travel websites, so we think other tourist companies are definitely in agreement.


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