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Ecuador and the adjacent Galapagos Islands are home to so much biodiversity that it is often said to house four worlds. Each region has unique weather, wildlife, and adventures: the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands, Andes Mountains, and the coast. Whether your idea of a dream vacation is centered around food, culture, history, or unique experiences, there’s something for you in this country, named for the Equator that runs through it.

Family-owned tour company customizes trips for clients visiting Ecuador and Galapagos, providing authentic encounters with culture, people, traditions, and cuisine. We talked to Esteban Almeida, sales executive at SOLEQ Travel, to hear what sets them apart, and how a customized travel domain has helped put them on the map.

Travel.Domains: What does SOLEQ Travel do?

Esteban Almeida: We are a tourism company. We love to organize trips to Ecuador and the Galapagos. At you can find all the necessary information to plan your vacations and discover the outstanding four regions of Ecuador.

Travel.Domains: Who’s your target audience?

Almeida: We focus on bringing people from other countries to enjoy the beauty of Ecuador.


Travel.Domains: How does your audience perceive SOLEQ? 

Almeida: So far, so good. From the beginning, our customers tell us they love our travel offers. We strive to make every experience unique to each traveler, and they appreciate that. 

Travel.Domains:  What is your business philosophy and model?

Almeida: Travel. Experience. Live. Our goal is to bring people to our great and beautiful country. We offer personalized itineraries and strive to respect the natural resources of the country. We want to help customers have unique and unforgettable adventures in Ecuador. 

Travel.Domains: What distinguishes SOLEQ Travel from other travel companies in your region? 

Almeida: Personalized service and our dedication to social and ecological good. We strive for sustainability: in our office, with our suppliers, the entire work operation.

Travel.Domains:  What services do you offer?

Almeida: We plan and guide once-in-a-lifetime adventure travel throughout Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands.



Travel.Domains: How and when did you learn about travel domain names? Why did you decide to use .travel? 

Almeida: We learned about it while reading online and decided in April 2016 to buy this domain. We wanted the name to align very closely with our identity and the services we provide, and to better reach our international audience. Of course, .travel does just that. 

Esteban Almeida, Sales Executive

Travel.Domains: How has it worked out for SOLEQ? 

Almeida: We improved our positioning in search engines and had more demand for trade agreements. Choosing this domain name and brand was the first step to our success.

Travel.Domains: How did .travel help to position your page to transmit a message or deliver a product to your audience

Almeida: Showing up in a specific strategic segment like travel and tourism allows customers to find us more quickly.

Travel.Domains: What does the future hold for Soleq now that you are using .travel?

Almeida: We believe that we will have a greater demand.

Travel.Domains:  Would you recommend .travel to other travel businesses?

Almeida: Absolutely.                                                                                                                        

Learn more about SOLEQ’s Ecuador adventures at

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