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Jeff Pike is the enthusiastic owner and partner of TBB Motorcycle Adventures. He was nice enough to spend time with us to share his business story and how the .tours domain extension helps to reach his target customers.

Travel.Domains: Tell us about your travel business. What services do you provide?
Jeff: We provide adventure style guided motorcycle tours throughout northern Thailand and into the neighbouring countries of Laos and Myanmar.

Travel.Domains: Who are your customers?  

Jeff: We have a broad demographic both in terms of age and country of origin. However, Brits and Aussies are the most popular, and it seems like it’s the 50+ “empty nesters” that form the bulk of our clientele.

Travel.Domains: Why do customers choose TBB Motorcycle Adventures?

Jeff: Tina Turner said it right: Simply the best. We are experienced professional riders with hundreds of thousands of kilometers under our belts. We have a passion for riding here and want to share it with like-minded people. We must be doing something right as we have many, many repeat customers.

Travel.Domains: What do your customers love about you?

Jeff: Probably the sense of freedom they experience when riding with us. We’re pretty laid back and there’s no “big brother” feeling from the authorities. We just get on with it and everyone has a blast.

Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .tours and decided to use that domain extension?

Jeff: I got a notification that the domain extension was going to become available so I purchased it right away.

Travel.Domains: Travel companies realize the importance of their digital presence to stay competitive. How has .tours helped you?

Jeff: Massively. As you know, our whole domain name is a series of high ranking keywords, and having “tours” in the URL describes the focus of our business and has put us at the top of the first page in Google search results.

Travel.Domains: How has .tours helped you communicate your business and value proposition to your audience?

Jeff: The suffix leaves no doubt as to what we have to offer. We’re not selling toilet rolls or offering typing services, we are a TOUR company and .tours clarifies that succinctly.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .tours, .travel, or .vacations to other travel businesses?

Jeff: Yes. It tells your customer exactly what your line of business is.

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Visit to learn more about TBB Motorcycle Adventures.

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