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Explore travel agencies offering unique experiences across the globe who are also using travel domains to differentiate their businesses, including,, and

Digital travel agencies put the world at your fingertips and adventure awaits. Small travel agencies can offer unique experiences that you might not find on top-10 travel lists, offering a more memorable vacation and the opportunity to explore a previously unconsidered corner of the world or hidden parts of famous cities. The travel companies featured below are innovating in the travel space and with their digital presence by using travel domains to ensure their digital brand is both distinctive and memorable.

Kerala, India with


A community of green tea estates dot the hillsides of Munnar in Kerala, India, amongst the boutique retreats, luxury resorts, and treehouse rentals. To stand out from all the vacation spots in India, Munnar Tourism has leveraged the power of SEO and a new top-level domain: Use of .holiday can mean higher ranking in search results and a more memorable website name. Ready for Munnar? The town itself is charming, with some of the highest tea gardens in the world that stretch up the hillsides. After your fill of the tea gardens, look to the mountains for hiking, spice plantation visits, or consider a houseboat cruise down the nearby river.

Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece with

In line with their innovative business approach, Epiculiar Tours has turned their brand name into their domain name: It’s memorable and reinforces their brand image. Do you love to immerse yourself in the local culture when on vacation? Epiculiar hosts will guide you through Athens or Thessaloniki to local eateries. Hear their stories, learn about the community, and spend your day sampling authentic cuisine.

Tour du Mont Blanc, France with

How about the Tour Du Mont Blanc in France? Try Having a domain name that spells out exactly what you do is more meaningful and easily discoverable. Tour Du Mont Blanc’s customers spend less time finding the website and more time planning their adventure. With options including self-guided tours, guided luxury tours, and guided budget tours, there is something for everyone. Enjoy the fresh air and stunning French Alps, and visit gorgeous mountain towns throughout your trek.

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