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Consumers now have more options than ever to book their holidays. The travel industry is changing rapidly and even long-standing industry giants aren’t immune to the shift in consumer behavior. 

In order to survive, smart travel agencies and advisors have been able to think outside the box to beat out the big online travel agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia, Priceline and Airbnb by providing specialized services and premium experiences for their customers. 

Advantages of specialization

In a competitive industry, specialization gives small businesses the opportunity to carve out a space in the market that allows them to thrive. Travel agencies that choose to go niche have big advantages.

Personalized service

Travel agencies and advisors must offer a personal touch that big OTAs can’t match. Swift responses to enquiries, direct contact with booking agents in case problems arise, and a knowledgeable team all build confidence in customers that they’re working with an experienced and capable travel provider.

Selling an experience

With consumers able to book their own travel online in a few clicks, travel agencies can win by focusing on providing an experience, not just a service. By dealing with their customers on a case-by-case basis, specialty agencies can identify where they add value and extra care that sets them apart from the big companies.

Quality control

Every business needs to strive to be the best in its field. Building a reputation as a specialty travel agency is no different. By operating proficiently in a narrow vertical, travel agencies can ensure they work together with premium partners and tour operators to provide the best travel packages available for their customers.


The knowledge, confidence, and professional service offered by specialty tour operators all help to build trust in customers that they’re going to get the holiday experiences they expect. And, satisfied customers are loyal customers who will return to their favorite travel advisor.

Deep expertise

Instead of trying to market everything to everyone, specializing in one niche makes it easier for small travel agencies to gather in-depth knowledge that they can pass on to a select customer audience.

A great way for agencies to showcase their area of expertise is through gTLDs that clearly communicate what they do.

Travel domains showcase specific expertise

Travel agencies and tour operators are taking advantage of a wide range of travel-related gTLDs including .travel, .vacations, .tours and many more. These domains enable niche travel operators to clearly show their audience what their specialty is all about. Using relevant gTLDs as part of their marketing and brand identity helps these companies increase their visibility and searchability online.

Family Travel

Traveling as a family can be rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Agencies that cater for traveling families understand the destinations, hotels, and companies that the whole family will enjoy, while helping them to avoid any pitfalls along the way. Family Travel’s domain name is its exact business name, which gives it a powerful footing for branding and in search results for people looking for family travel solutions. It’s a small agency that understands the complex needs of parents traveling with children ranging from newborns to hard-to-please teenagers, and multi-generational family groups planning trips together. 

This agency specializes in itinerary planning, multi-generational trips and reunions, family-friendly cruises and resorts, condos, Disney vacations, and small group tours. If you’re planning a holiday as a family, you’re in safe hands when it comes to planning your trip with an expert agency such as this one. This company offers “adventure holidays” for families of all ages. Their packages are built around carefully curated experiences and hotels with children in mind. There’s an emphasis on fun and plenty of activities that the whole family can take part in, such as safaris, tuk-tuk tours, scavenger hunts, and cookery classes. Everything is taken care of from start to finish, removing all the stress of planning and transport so families can enjoy every minute of their holiday together. Reunions and travel are both popular keywords that searchers use to find reunion travel options for their families. Using a redirect that ranks highly for these keywords enables Royal Caribbean, one of the world’s largest cruise lines, to stay ahead of their competition in organic search.

Special Needs Travel 

Accessible tourism is a growing market, with small agencies realizing that there is a huge need for professional travel services for people with impaired hearing, vision, and mobility. For All Travel is exactly as its domain name implies – travel for everyone. They specialize in tours that ensure both blind and sighted travelers can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. 

Different destinations and packages are designed every year, with an emphasis on comfort, professional and personalized treatment, and a hand-picked selection of tourism providers. TravAbility are advocates for accessible tourism, providing opportunities for people with disabilities to travel smoothly to the world’s top destinations.

Their mission is to: 

“Encourage all cultures of the world to see disability as an integral part of life, and to provide the motivation and tools to the tourism industry to allow them to create accessible environments that enable inclusion in an economically sustainable way.” Hands on is a deaf-owned company that provide tours around the world for people using sign language. The founder realized there was a gap in the specialist tourism market when he saw that many deaf tourists were expressing negative comments about their travels.

From its humble beginnings, this agency is expanding its team and now offers tours in 60 countries. The emphasis is on providing a premium service with sign language guides, small groups, and unique experiences.

Cruise travel The domain name says it all. This company specializes in cruises through Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic region.

With a huge variety of cruise packages and guided tours to suit every budget, Nordic Cruises prides itself on being the leading tour operator across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, and Russia. This is a small husband and wife agency who are vegetable farmers during the summer months but turn into professional travel planners and cruise hosts when the weather starts to cool down.

With previous experience in the travel industry and hands-on experience traveling across 30 countries, taking 30 ocean cruises, and exploring all 50 states in the USA, this devoted team understands the finer details of travel that can make or break a dream vacation. Expectations Cruises boasts an impressive selection of 32,812 cruise options across 612 ships. As specialist providers, they can offer “no-fly” travelers and ocean lovers the perfect cruise package for their needs, together with last-minute deals for those who prefer spontaneous getaways.

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