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In January 2020, the Travel.Domains team will be heading to Fitur 2020 in Madrid with our event partner, DonDominio. Fitur is a five-day event that gives travel brands, tourism boards, tour operators and trade partners the opportunity to network, increase awareness in the marketplace, and grow their businesses.


With media coverage by ~8,000 journalists from 68 countries, Fitur is a massive event, and it’s evolving every year. At the 2019 event, there were 10,487 companies from 165 countries, 142,642 trade visitors, and 110,848 members of the general public in attendance. 


In addition to the booths and displays, attendees can access high-level decision-makers that can provide exciting opportunities for growth and partnerships. Last year, 9,150 business appointments were scheduled for various B2B meetings organized by Fitur. A further 49,711 appointments were made directly using the online appointment system. That’s a lot of connection! This year promises to be just as exciting. If you are planning to attend Fitur, schedule a meeting with us and be sure to say hello at our booth!


Industry events like Fitur are the perfect place for travel businesses to connect with others in their field. Even if you don’t exhibit, this is one of the best places to learn about the latest in travel trends, plus develop valuable business and personal connections. 


Whether you’re exhibiting or visiting, travel events can be a great way to expand your network and scale your business. While digital marketing is important, closing your laptop and heading to a trade event in person is still as effective as ever.


Here are seven ways events can help you grow your travel business.


1. Generate leads

With the number of people attending the Fitur event, the probability of finding new leads and increasing awareness about your business is high. Getting in a room full of potential partners and vendors can be a valuable addition to your lead generation strategy.


2. Come up with fresh ideas

Business owners often get stuck in a loop of rehashing the same ideas and tactics. Exploring what other travel brands are doing and getting exposure to new trends can help invigorate your company.


3. Create personal connection

Being in a face-to-face setting with your peers, competitors, and bigger brands is advantageous. We all love networking online, but the power of human connection can help develop strong, lasting connections that can turn into valuable personal and business relationships. Making new alliances and friends that understand the pressures and joys of the travel and tourism industry is immensely valuable.


4. Find new vendors and partners

Your attendance at events shouldn’t stop at searching for new leads and customers. Industry events are a golden opportunity to meet new suppliers and partners. This ensures that you can offer your customers the best possible experience by staying current with new innovations, services, and technology in the travel industry.


5. Increase brand awareness 

Whether you’re exhibiting or attending, industry events are a powerful way to boost awareness about your brand and services. Make sure you go in with set tactics and goals to ensure you get the most out of your networking during the course of the event. Even if you’re just visiting an event, this is a good chance for you to advertise on your social channels that you’ll be attending. Encourage interested customers and suppliers to arrange a meeting with you in person.


6. Build authority

Exhibiting isn’t the only way to increase your brand presence at events. Look for opportunities to speak or run a seminar at an event and gain exposure amongst your peers to build your credibility.


7. Take time to relax and have fun

Your business can become a 24/7 job if you let it. It’s important to have some downtime to recharge. Industry events can be the perfect place to take some time out from the office, grab a coffee or a meal, and do some relaxed social networking.


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