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The Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC) Announces the Creation of .Travel SmartConnect, A Members-Only Group for .Travel Domain Name Holders, Connecting the Travel and Tourism Industry.

Since 2005, .Travel has been the exclusive domain name extension for the travel and tourism industry. Small and medium size travel companies globally have embraced and promoted their .Travel domains, which help them stand out online and showcase their businesses to attract new customers.

To further serve .Travel domain name users, the Travel Partnership Corporation (TTPC), a non-profit, global organization comprised of Board members from Middle East, North America, Europe, and Asia covering motor coach tours, e-travel, destination tour operators, national and international travel associations, and air transport, has launched a members-only .Travel SmartConnect Business Community on LinkedIn. The community’s mission is to bring members together to promote their businesses, build referral networks, and establish lasting relationships with like-minded buyers and suppliers. Membership to the SmartConnect Business Community is free to holders of .Travel domains.

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“Since 2005, thousands of travel agencies and tour operators have used .travel domain names to differentiate themselves as best-in-class service providers in the industry,” says Birger Bäckman, TTPC President and Board Chair. “Now, the .Travel SmartConnect Business Community on LinkedIn offers a central destination for these businesses to share knowledge, network with existing and potential partners, and grow their travel footprint.”

Experts recognize .Travel as an exclusive domain name extension that can benefit the travel industry worldwide. “.Travel is perfect for travel and tourism, and helps communicate who we are and what we do,” says Steffi Gretschel, Head of International PR.

As part of the .Travel SmartConnect Business Community launch, .Travel is running a “Bounce Back with .Travel” promotion until 31 December 2020, offering .Travel domain names for just US$9.99 to travel and tourism businesses to better brand themselves and connect with their customers online.

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