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Trek Nepal is a leading trekking and expedition agency with unparalleled local Nepal expertise and strong ethic and integrity principles. Chhetup Tamang, Owner & Managing Director, describes how they maintain a safe, ethical, and thriving business.

Travel.Domains: What does your business do?

Chhetup Tamang: is the official website of Altitude Randonnee Trekking Pvt. Ltd. We are a Kathmandu-based local trekking and expedition agency, registered under the Nepal Government Ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation & Tourism.

Travel.Domains: What is your main business identity and what are your core values?

Tamang: We are recognized as a professional and leading trekking and expedition company for the last 20 years through our hard work and the vast experience,  high professionalism, and total dedication of our team.

Our values center around safety, community, and integrity. We select the most experienced field staff such as climbing guides, trekking guides, assistant guides, trekking cooks, and trekking porters who are familiar with the routes, the local culture, geographic conditions, and difficulty level of trekking paths in the region.

We also have a strong teamwork and team spirit and form a single family during our time with our guests as we share our knowledge and experience.

We scrupulously adhere to the International Labor Organization standards to ensure that our staff and their families suffer no exploitation or discrimination: We pay fair salaries to our employees and show great respect toward all our field staff and porters.

Travel.Domains: Let’s talk about the type of excursions and destinations that are most in demand.

Tamang: Our most popular expeditions are trekking tours in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. Easy treks are popular with less experienced travellers who want to visit the region at their own leisurely pace and without too much physical exertion. However, thanks to our established reputation as a leading trekking expert organization, we have a lot of demand for major expeditions lasting several weeks, as well as peak climbing. Thematic tours are also increasingly popular and range from honeymoon/wedding tours to mountain, cycling, helicopter, Buddhism, Shamanism, and Hinduism tours.


Travel.Domains: You’re one of the leading trekking and expedition specialists in Nepal and the region. How did you get started, and how did you grow to achieve this level of expertise?

Tamang: I was born in 1981 in Kavre district, in the Eastern part of Nepal. My father was a cook for the camping treks and mountain expeditions. So, I began to work as a trekking porter in 1996 when I was just 16 years old. I learned English in university and French at the Alliance Francaise in Kathmandu. Then, I took a certified diploma license trekking guide training from the Nepal Government and rescue and first aid training from Federation Francaise de Sauvetage Secourisme. Having worked for many years as a trekking/mountain guide across Nepal and for various local Nepalese agencies and international agencies, I decided to set up my own trekking and expedition agency in Nepal and registered Altitude Randonnee Trekking Pvt. Ltd (ART) as an adventure tourism trademark.

Since then, the business has grown through sheer dedication, unsurpassed local knowledge and expertise, and the support of my outstanding team. Our clientele includes visitors from across the globe. In 2013, I visited France and Switzerland where I met local experts and clients and promoted our organization. In 2016, I participated in Adventure Travel Show in Washington DC, USA where I further raised the profile.


Travel.Domains: What trends and developments are impacting the tourism sector and your business today?

Tamang: There is a growing awareness in the industry and among tourists of the importance of responsible, sustainable tourism. We are fully committed to running eco-tourism activities so that our environment isn’t damaged by pollution. We highlight the importance of village tourism to visitors, who can explore the local culture and traditions. Sustainable tourism also means supporting local communities and I am proud to say that is taking the lead in this field: We organise charity events where we raise money for our community, staff, and the families who have been affected by natural events or hard economic conditions. Following the earthquake, we helped construct two school buildings in the Kavre district with the support of the French association EDM (Enfances du Monde).

Our growth strategy for 2018 and beyond includes continuing to develop new partnerships across the globe with major travel agents, individuals, associations and adventure clubs. We also want to set up joint ventures in order to contribute to the development of adventure tourism while upholding international trade standards and raising the awareness of sustainable tourism.

Travel.Domains: A solid tourism promotion strategy requires having an attractive and effective website, as that’s often the first way tourists search for information. How does your website differentiate itself?

Tamang: For our business, it’s crucial that potential clients from around the world can get as much information as possible about before embarking on their journey. We try to highlight every aspect of the trip, from safety to sustainable tourism and the multitude of trekking levels and experience required. Every award, license, and diploma we have received is represented on our site in the spirit of complete honesty, transparency, and building trust.


Chhetup Tamang, Owner & Managing Director

Travel.Domains: How and when did you find out about .travel and began to work with us?

Tamang: I had heard of and seen .travel for a number of years. When we re-designed and re-launched our website, we didn’t want to go back to a corporate style website, so we decided that would be the most pertinent and suitable name for our organization.

Travel.Domains: Choosing the right domain and brand on the internet is the first step to online success. In your view, what are the main benefits that a .travel domain offers to your website?


Tamang: As a sustainable tourism company with strong ethics and professional credentials, we chose as our main website, to convey our strong sense of identity, respectability, and the credibility that we have earned over the last two decades.


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