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Sometimes your next holiday vacation idea isn’t a specific destination, but rather a feeling you want that trip to evoke or an interest you want to explore. You have a general sense of how you want it to look or feel, and you’ll know it when you see it. That’s where Vivere comes in, with an innovative destination discovery platform that helps travelers pinpoint their perfect getaway.

We talked to Matteo De Santis, CEO at Vivere, to hear how the site is using artificial intelligence to play matchmaker between travelers and their trips, and how a .travel domain is helping to make that pairing possible.  

Travel.Domains: What does your company do?

Matteo De Santis: We are a destination discovery platform, and we are very close to the release of the second version of our platform. We’re revolutionizing the way travelers search for and discover holiday destinations. We are creating a database of high-quality content (original text, high-quality photos, and videos) related to the most important travel destinations of the world. We developed an algorithm to interrogate our database in a smart way, thanks to the support of IBM Watson artificial intelligence. The destinations suggested by our platform are in line with the interests and the type of travelers that made the query.

Travel.Domains: What is your target audience?

De Santis: We are focusing on users with high traveling intent who are in the inspiration and research phase of their holiday planning process. Our primary markets are the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

Travel.Domains: What is the business model?

De Santis: We have a mix of affiliation, subscription, and advertising.

Travel.Domains: What is your main identity? What are the services most demanded by your customers?

De Santis: We are still at the very early stage of our venture, but from the first data we are gathering from users, they are telling us that they love the quality and uniqueness of the content we publish. Nobody in the industry is investing this way in the creation of high-quality, professional content.



Matteo Bianda, Co-Founder & CFO at

Travel.Domains: Why choose

De Santis: We have a unique solution that really help travelers to find the destination that matches their interests.

Travel.Domains: Companies and businesses have realized the importance of inclusion in the digital world to maintain competitiveness. How has .travel helped you to achieve and maintain this competitiveness?

De Santis: Even at this early stage, it has helped to characterize our business in the eyes of users.

Travel.Domains: How has .travel been a tool to share your message or product with your audience?

De Santis: The intrinsic value of the .travel first-level domain gives us a strong recognition in the market for our new users and against our competitors.


Matteo De Santis CEO at VIVERE.Travel

Matteo De Santis
CEO at VIVERE.Travel

Travel.Domains: How do you see in the future?

De Santis: I see it as a growing company with a leadership position in the travel industry.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend .travel as a trusted site?

De Santis: Yes.

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