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Travel Domains Interview: Volant Travel

We were so inspired by Volant Travel’s motto – Travel the World, Explore the Earth – that we reached out to CEO John Froerer to learn more about Volant’s privately guided luxury and adventure tours. Volant Travel differentiates themselves in two important ways: Volant consultants have immense experience in all parts of the world, and they use Volant.Travel to establish credibility and build trust with their customers.

Travel.Domains: Tell us about Volant Travel? What is the business all about?

Volant Travel: Volant specializes in arranging privately guided, upscale adventure tours around the world. After traveling extensively through more than 50 countries on six continents, we selected the world’s best locations for wilderness, adventure, and breathtaking beauty. We offer adventure hiking and trekking tours in Norway, Iceland, Patagonia, Peru, New Zealand, Croatia, Nepal, and other great locations.


Travel.Domains: Who is your target audience?

Volant Travel: Volant’s clients are those who enjoy engaging nature in experiential ways: hiking, trekking, kayaking, sailing, or cycling; perhaps even paragliding, scuba diving, snorkeling, or even caving. They like to hike to mountain lakes and powerful waterfalls through pristine wildernesses and unique landscapes. They prefer long, active days, but when the days’ activities come to an end, they prefer to be taken care of at fine restaurants and upscale hotels and lodging.


Travel.Domains: What do customers love about Volant Travel?

Volant Travel: Our clients speak for themselves:

“We just returned from the trip of a lifetime — Annapurna Base Camp — with Volant Travel.”

“A well balanced itinerary for trekking and sightseeing, on a ‘once in a life-time’ trip.”

“We were very well taken care of. We enjoyed every moment of the tour.”

“The Volant guide, John Froerer, is knowledgeable, efficient, and organized, and arranged for

local guides when appropriate for in-depth expertise and opportunity to know more about local

people and their life experiences.”

Read more here:


Travel.Domains: Why should people visit Volant.Travel?

Volant Travel: Volant.Travel is more than pretty pictures and a place to sign up for adventures. It’s a place to learn about and plan adventures. It’s a place to explore and wonder. Volant.Travel

contains in-depth information on many countries around the world. Each country’s must-see

sites are listed with detailed maps that offer great geographical insights. 


Travel.Domains: How and when did you discover .travel and decide to use that domain extension?

Volant Travel: As Volant’s founder and CEO—John Froerer—the burden of being easily found online was my responsibility. I chose the .travel domain to stand out, to be unique among the multitude of other websites. I wanted to have an authenticated website that instantly gave me the status and authority in the travel industry.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped your website stand out and get noticed?

Volant Travel: The .travel domain is always a conversation starter. Without fail I will explain to people the special nature of a .travel domain, and my domain always impresses people.


Travel.Domains: How has .travel helped you communicate your value proposition to

your audience?

Volant Travel: Simply, my business is automatically authoritative in travel matters because of the domain name. There is no dispute among my website visitors. Those with whom I’ve talked to each tell me my website is beautiful, informative, and authoritative. They trust me because of my website. Trust is key when you’re trying to sell products that are all over $5,000 each.


Travel.Domains: Would you recommend travel domain extensions such as .travel to other travel communities?

Volant Travel: Yes. I would absolutely say that the .travel domain is unique and sets you apart from others. It has real weight to it, weight that potential clients can easily recognize and feel comfortable with. I feel that the .travel domain’s influence and potency will continue to grow and that it will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.


To find out more about traveling the world and exploring the earth, visit Volant.Travel

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