.Reise / .Reisen

Do .Reise / .Reisen Right

Your .reise / .reisen domain speaks to your insider knowledge of the finest German attractions, traditions, and culture this side of Frankfurt. You know the hottest spots in Berlin, the Bavarian charm of Munich, and the rich, artistic history of Dresden. As soon as visitors land on your .reise or .reisen website, they’ll be saying, “Danke!”

.Reise / .Reisen is ideal for

  • Travel-related products or services
  • Domestic/International travel agencies, resources & services
  • Travel writers & bloggers
  • College students & study abroad sites
  • Seasonal opportunities (Oktoberfest)

Some of our favorite .reise / .reisen websites

.Reise / .Reisen Fast Facts

  • Revenue in German online travel booking will grow to $16.3 million by 20221
  • Travel and tourism industry is expected to reach 411 billion euros in 20282
  • The German National Tourism Board (DZT) counted 84 million overnight stays by international travellers in 20173
  • Germans have 25 – 30 days of paid vacation per year4
  • 39% of all travel purchases by Germans are made online with airlines, tour operators, travel portals and online travel agencies5