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Whether in a hurry or in a new city, everyone will flock to your .taxi domain. Everyone will know you’re the perfect way to zip around town—without the driving hassle.

.Taxi is ideal for

  • Local, regional or global transportation businesses
  • Independent operators
  • Limousine and town car services

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.Taxi Fast Facts

  • Goldman Sachs predicts the global taxi market in 2030 as $285 billion, with an expected of 97 million trips1
  • Total licensed taxi and private hire vehicles in England reached record levels in 2017: 281,000 licensed vehicles, a 23.6% increase since 20152
  • More than half of millennials are willing to spend on taxis and Ubers, as compared to 29% of Gen Xers and 15% of boomers3
  • In a city with fewer than 1 million inhabitants, Dublin has over 14,000 active taxi drivers, more taxis operating in than in New York4