In Destinations / Lodging, Europe, Success Stories, Tour Operators / Tour Transport, Travel Agencies chose the .Travel domain over .com or other domain options. Xabier Prada, owner and website administrator, describes his experience with .Travel:

Travel.Domains: Today, having an attractive and effective travel website is essential. How does attract visitors to your city?

Xabier Prada: The city itself has many tourist attractions that we capture on our website, places anyone would not want to miss. San Sebastian is a very easy city to get around, even walking, as long as you pick the places to visit ahead of time. Our website helps tourists plan in advance of their arrival.

Travel.Domains: What distinguishes from other websites promoting the city? 

X. Prada: We clearly show the main attractions of San Sebastian with concise, relevant information. People who visit our city usually stay for two or three days, during which they want to visit the main tourist spots. They have little time to see a lot of things; therefore we show them what they cannot miss.

Travel.Domains: Let’s talk about the sights, tour packages or interests that are most in demand.

X. Prada: San Sebastián stands out for its beaches, especially the Playa de la Concha, but most tourists visit us for our landscape and famous gastronomy. The “pintxos” bars and restaurants with Michelin stars are, without a doubt, the most sought-after interests and the reason why more people are drawn to our city.

Xabier Prada - Owner at

Xabier Prada – Owner at

Travel.Domains: What makes a great internet experience? How do you improve and optimize online promotion?

X. Prada: First, your website needs a great, relevant name. We love ours. And a local tourism website should give all necessary information, so that tourists can plan their itinerary, know where they want to go, and do what they want to do. And the website has to provide as much information as possible, on the recommended, “must see” places.

Travel.Domains: How and when did you find out about .Travel and other travel domains? Why did you choose .Travel?

X. Prada: We have been using the .Travel domain for several years and we are very happy with it. Early on, we realized that .Travel was ideal because of its clear relation to tourism.

Travel.Domains: Businesses know the importance of having a strong digital presence. How does .Travel help your competitive edge for your website? 

X. Prada: On, we connect travelers to local businesses. We provide a place for businesses to show and promote their services. Our domain name says it all.

Travel.Domains: Choosing the right domain/brand on the internet is the first step to success online. What are the main advantages of using the .Travel domain?

X. Prada: The advantage of .Travel is clear. Everyone associates it with tourism; it’s memorable and it’s easy to relate to. If you’re developing a travel or tourism business, .Travel is undoubtedly the most appropriate domain extension.

Travel.Domains: How has .Travel helped to deliver a message or present a product to your audience?

X. Prada: As we mentioned, .Travel makes it immediately clear to visitors who we are. Having the .Travel extension gives us extra value which sets us apart.

Travel.Domains: Are you optimistic about the future?

X. Prada: Tourism is always a growing sector and in our city, in particular, it is growing year by year, especially after being named a European Capital of Culture, so we could say that the future looks optimistic.

Travel.Domains: Would you recommend .Travel?

X. Prada: Yes, without a doubt; if you want to develop a project related to the tourism sector, you would bet with no hesitation on .Travel .

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