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When a customer is looking online for travel options, they’re sorting through a lot of information in order to make a decision. Beyond the basics like location, services, amenities, and rates, customers make decisions based on a factor that’s often overlooked: the way your site makes them feel. 


Stories are known to evoke emotion, and your travel site has plenty of opportunities to use storytelling to stand out online. Here are a few ways to tell your unique stories in a way that wins the hearts of travelers.


Appeal to their senses 

Describe the warm Caribbean breeze, the sweet and tangy taste of fresh pineapple at breakfast, the brightly-colored buildings they’ll drive by on their tour, or the sound of the ocean that will lull them to sleep in their beach bungalow each night. Describe the details using rich language and professional photos and videos. Put customers in the moment by describing what they’ll see, taste, touch, smell, and hear when they book with you. 


Share testimonials 

Sometimes former customers say it best, and hearing about their good experiences increases trust that you’ll deliver on your promises. Plus, former customers will usually point out little details that you may not already mention on your site and share real stories about their stay. 


Describe what they’ll take away 

What will visitors remember most? What will be the thing they can’t wait to tell their friends back home? How will the experience affect them? Maybe they’ll fall in love with the little shop on the corner or salivate when they remember the regional food. Maybe they’ll think fondly of the luxurious sheets on the comfy bed or laugh when they remember some of the jokes their tour guide told along the way. Listen to the specifics your customers mention and include them on your site. 


Keep it simple. 

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to come back from vacation feeling revived. Make sure your website looks uncluttered and easy to navigate. Choose a few stunning photos, and use simple, elegant language to describe how you’re a serene break from the hustle and bustle of their day-to-day lives. Your site should be easy to read at a glance.


Stand out from other travel businesses 

Visitors have lots of options, so let them know what makes you unique. Use a travel domain name like .tours, .travel, .guide, .limo, or .vacations to stand out in organic search results and to make your niche clear right from the beginning. See the complete list of travel domain names here.


With the right domain and your unique stories on your site, you’ll help more visitors find you, remember you, and build excitement for their trip. 

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